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  • Emilee Craig

What and Where is the DMV?


It kinda blows my mind how many times people have asked why I photograph weddings at the Department of Motor Vehicles - truly LOLing. So in this short blog, I am going to clarify.

District of Columbia

Or otherwise known as Washington, D.C. is connected and frequently referred to as DMV. But where does the MV come into play? Well, if you live in Washington D.C., you probably didn't even open this blog because you already know. BUT - for those people who are unaware, the M stands for Maryland and V stands for Virginia. Both Virginia and Maryland surround Washington D.C., which makes it a hub that consists of the DMV area.

DMV Wedding Photographer

Although I frequently photograph weddings in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas - I also photograph in other states as well. New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are also included in the frequency list. In addition to the Northeastern states, I also enjoy traveling worldwide as a destination wedding photographer.

Book a consultation today to secure your wedding date in the DMV and beyond.


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