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  • Emilee Craig

Editorial Style Wedding Photography


Editorial wedding photography can have multiple meanings to different people. In this post I am going to highlight the key characteristics that I use to identify my style as an editorial wedding photographer.

Definition of Editorial

A publication containing emotions, opinions, and contents of a story. It relates to the content of a publication, rather than commercial aspects. You can think of editorial to be "magazine worthy".

Editorial Photography

Expressing emotions through photographs, in a high fashion and unique way. It tells your story through the lens of a professional. As compared to photojournalistic style, which captures the moments/events, editorial style tells a narrative in an artistic way.

To Pose or Not to Pose?

When photographing, lighting and composition are two key components with editorial style. So in order to get some of those jaw dropping wedding photos, some aspects will be posed. I like to give just enough guidance to flatter the couple, while keeping them comfortable. Utilizing my photography skills, lighting, and composition I can transform these posed moments into editorial masterpieces. Although, a majority of the wedding day will consist of unposed, spontaneous, and candid moments.

Personalizing the Experience

To me, the most important thing in wedding photography is the couple's love story. I use their personalities, interests, and overall vibes of the wedding to tailor my approach. The subtle gestures, tiny details, and genuine emotions are all captured and portray a memorable visual story. While using a unique perspective, in addition to capturing your narrative, this will deliver an authentically personalized wedding album to enjoy for years to come.

Editorial Wedding Photography

Overall, editorial wedding photography tells the couple's love story authentically while also being visually appealing. Each wedding is a unique editorial feature, where love, emotion, and artistry intertwine to create a visual masterpiece. As a professional photographer, my lens becomes the storyteller and each frame is a page turned in the unfolding narrative of love.

Book a consultation with me to get started on your narrative of love being magazine worthy.


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