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  • Emilee Craig

Photography Movement Trend, Artistic or Amateur?


Have you ever seen a trending wedding photo and wondered that exact question? I'm not sure about you but some that I have seen I really had to think if I considered it to be an artistic expression, or just purely amateur?

Blinded by the Blur

There is an on going trend of blurry wedding photographs taking over social media, and a lot of professionals don't know what to think. Having a blurry image basically goes against all photography 101. If you used to have a blurry image, it meant you needed to work on your skill. But today, it is not so easy to differentiate the intent.

Move it, Move it

Many professionals have their own opinions, but for me I think the movement/blurriness in photos needs to have purpose. If a photographer delivers a wedding album of 75% blurry photographs, that is considered amateur in my book. But if a few photographs have purposeful movement, it can be really beautiful. The movement in editorial photography can help in telling the narrative, if it makes sense. For instance, some dancing or walking could warrant for a blurry photograph to help portray the movement. If I see a blurry photograph of a table setting, I don't get it and therefore consider it to be amateur.

The Artist Did it

For centuries, artists experiment with different techniques while using their creative minds. Photography is part of the arts, and is also experimented with different techniques and viewpoints. The best part about art is that it is in the eye of the beholder and each artist can express themselves how they see fit. Although for me personally, I think there is a time and a place for full expression. Being a professional editorial wedding photographer, I love being able to be creative, but I also know that the couple's style and love is what I am hired to capture.

It is All About Perspective

Ultimately, each person can determine what they feel is amateur or artistic. As you have read above, my perspective is that if it has purpose and makes sense then it can be viewed as artistic. I will continue to deliver unique wedding albums that can be confidently said was photographed by a professional.

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