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  • Emilee Craig

The Wedding Dress


Many of us dream about our wedding from an early stage in life. I remember planning out wedding details with my best friend as we played in the back yard. Over the years our taste starts to change, which is normal as trends come and go. But I have a trend that is just beginning.

When You Find THE Dress

Numerous internet searches, bridal shop appointments, and recommendations from your MOH that got married last year - you finally find it. You find the dress of your dreams, the one you have been waiting for. All of the emotions arise as you see yourself in the mirror and imagine your soon to be husband's reaction as you walk down the aisle.

Wedding Day Bliss

Today is the day you get to marry your best friend, the love of your life. So your once in a lifetime dress, the dress of your dreams, is being photographed for your wedding album so you can share it with family for years to come. BUT - when you get your wedding photos back, you see the dress of your dreams hanging on a plastic hanger in a less than desirable way. It doesn't seem like the dress of your dreams deserves the plastic treatment, does it? Well - rewind back to the day of your wedding and your professional wedding photographer showcases your dream dress the way it deserves.

Trend Me

That dream wedding dress is showcased on a mannequin in your venue's prettiest room. The dress gets the glory moment it deserves, and when you get your wedding album back you proudly show your family the dress of your dreams that took years to find. No plastic in sight. I'm not sure about you, but I think this is a trend that needs to start trending, NOW.

Let the Dress Shine

As an editorial wedding photographer, I look for artistically creative ways to showcase your special details. Photographing the wedding dress on a mannequin is one show stopping unique way I use my creativity. Of course permission is required prior to wedding day from each bride, I would never do an "out of the box" idea without the bride's consent first.

Book a consultation so we can ditch the plastic & elevate your wedding album.


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